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Gary Speed


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  • 5 months later...

Gone under the knife, back injury, 6 months out, end of his playing career?


If so ad his club are willing to part ways


Anyone think we should offer him a coaching role while recovering?


Bollocks.  I pressed next on the Michael Owen thread and thought it was taking me to the next page on that thread.  Ended up here.  Therefore I thought the above was about Owen and I was just about to do somersaults.

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Whats the chance of Newcastle vs Swansea being the first or last game of the season?

we've had swansea last game of the season at SJP before and i was there (david giles the little bastard)
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Guest optimistic nit

If memory serves me right (admittedly not that long ago), he wasn't very successful at QPR?



that was qpr though. like saying sven goran erikkson wasn't very successful at citeh (dont actually know whether sousa is any good, but i wouldn't judge him on his performance with qpr).

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