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Sir Bobby Robson (1933–2009)

Guest Stephen927

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I have seen it a few times, he pulled round near the end, became well enough to say his final goodbyes on sunday. Exactly the same as my grandma a week before she dies of the terrible disease that is cancer.


Its odd how this always seems to happen!


RIP sir bob

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Absolutely devastated with the news.


I'm playing a football tournament with work today and already had my nickname and number on the back. But I have now written 'R.I.P Sir Bob xxx' on the bottom of my shirt and I will play for him today.


A man of the people and a true Geordie.


RIP Big Man xx

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Guest toonlass

Despite seeing how poorly he was on Sunday this is still a shock. Rest in peace Sir Bob, my thoughts to Lady Elsie and his sons. He was a gentleman and a legend.




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Can't believe he left this world with Newcastle United in such turmoil.


We owe to him to put it all right and re-build this club to the levels that he took us to.


There's only one Bobby Robson...

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I’m gutted even though I expected it but he is out of the horrendous pain he was in.


So pleased I met him a few times and the world, never mind the football world, has lost a fantastic man.


He was a true gentleman and is 1 of the only blokes who EVERY football fan in the world has mass respect for.


To think he watched his beloved NUFC being ran in to the ground in his last days by a complete and utter cockney w*****   :rant:


R.I.P to a true legend, thoughts with all his family

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