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  1. What are the chances of either of the Brugge or Bordeaux away games going to members sale? Desperate to get to one of them!
  2. As much as it pissed me off tonight if Van Persie was our player we would all be loving it. It happens.
  3. farfrompuken


    Coming in 11lbs over is a fucking disgrace. "Medical condition" or not.
  4. Niclas Alexandersson on CM97/98 - was Defender/Midfielder/Forward (R/L/C) which was handy. Also, Ibrahima Bakayoko was a beast on that version, would score and assist for fun. Signed for Everton in real life but wasn't quite as good as he was on the game! CM97/98
  5. farfrompuken


    The whole card was awesome, really enjoyed it. Joe Lauzon's kimura on Curt Warburton in the prelims nasty!! Near enough ripped his fucking arm off!
  6. farfrompuken


    Personally thought Werdum won the fight?! Would like to see it again sober.
  7. farfrompuken


    It's on Primetime- just started. I''m on Virgin and it cost me £10, think it's the same on Sky as well. Can't record it and it's SD Hopefully it'll be good though!
  8. farfrompuken

    South Park

    Entire season so far has been pretty shit tbh.
  9. Does anybody know the name of the song that plays during MOTD's 'Still To Come' segment?
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