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How many points for automatic promotion?


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92 will most likely get you 1st place. I'd be hopeful that 80 would get us 2nd place and automatic promotion.


If we win our next game we will have 30 points at just about 1 /3 of the way through the season. On target for 90.

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I have no doubts we'll gain automatic promotion. I honestly don't see two teams coming above us, the quality of team isn't that impressive.




You've gan an' cuuursed us now.


We are 3 points* away from 10th place FFS.


*(okay I just checked and its 4 points, but still...)

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Guest Stephen927

The way the league is going this year, and the way we've performed in some games, I'd snap your hand off second.


We've played poorly in some games and came away with points, but the table doesn't lie. The quality of the division is relatively low but we're the team that everyone wants to beat, it's going to be up and down with regards to form.


We've seen in the past that it doesn't matter much whether you finish 1st or 2nd once you get to the Premiership. I don't care about winning the trophy.

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More than 2 points per game would generally see you through. Roughly that corresponds to 16 points per block of 8 games, or 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats per 8 games.


1st block of 8 - 19 points (6 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat) = 2.375

2nd block of 8 - 8 points (2 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats) with 2 games left = 1.333


Overall - 27 points from 42 = 1.929 per game

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2008-09: Wolves (90pts), Birmingham (83pts)

2007-08: West Brom (81pts), Stoke (79pts)

2006-07: Sunderland (88pts), Birmingham (86pts)

2005-06: Reading (106pts), Sheff Utd (90pts)

2004-05: Sunderland (94pts), Wigan (87pts)


Average 1st place points: 91.8pts

Average 2nd place points: 85pts


So if we aim for 85, we've got a good chance. As leazes-ender said, we're averaging 1.929 points per game, giving 88.7 points total. Keep this up, we might just scrape it!

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I think people just want a ballpark figure of how many points has been enough to go up automatically in the past. Never really payed much attention to the CCC before but usually there's one club that races away and either stays there or is reeled in by the pack and doesn't usually go up. The top of this league is very tight this year and lots of teams are dropping points on a regular basis. I'm pretty confident that if we can get our key men (Shola, Taylor & Coloccini) back then we should still go up as champions. 


85+ should be enough but there's still a lot of work to put in yet.

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