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Sums him up really. Like I said in the match thread, gutting as I really want to hate him when he's a pundit. He helped a bit with some of his comments about the fans today, but generally he's intelligent when on tv.

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Some archetypical Souness punditry today, perfectly showing up his limitations as a manger: most noticeably his tendency to reduce complex problems and situations to factors of a single variable – Ameobi not playing well? That can be explained purely in terms of his interaction with the crowd, nothing outside this matters.


At least he sees part of the picture, unlike some other pundits. I like Poyet though, at least if he's not saying something technically interesting he says something funny. I can't stand that imaginary blokey-zeitgeisty construct that Jamie Redknapp imagines himself to be surfing. It's like seeing a man who thinks he's trapped in a beer commercial trying to 'win' the game.

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