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The Summer Managerial Carousel(s)


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Seems to be an unusual number of managerial vacancies this summer, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread to discuss the mass summer scramble as clubs look to fill their vacancies.  Off the top of my head, the clubs listed below are currently in the process of looking to appoint fresh meat for their fans to sink their critical teeth into:


Manchester City




Real Madrid

AC Milan










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I don't think Brighton or Millwall are on the same carousel as Inter or PSG, like.


They'd probably be competing for the same managers as us tbf, so I think you're right.

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honestly not sure who they will or should go for, if they go for someone who likes to play football to some degree then I'd almost expect them to be relegated because while there are some decent footballers there like Charlie Adam and on his day Peter Crouch but then there's the rest who hoof, kick and play for throw ins so instant problems while if they go for a more "british" manager then what was the point of sacking Pulis

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He's finished there IMO.


It's unrelated to the shit thing apparently, I think he probably said he would stick with them if they got into the PL, if not he would look at other options. Wouldn't be shocked to see him end up in the PL next season, but Wigan too may be a good shout for him if they lose Martinez.

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Seems like the wheels are motion for Pellegrini at last.


Rumours abound they're going to get Gerrado Martino from Newell's to replace him. Easily the best manager in Argentina IMO.

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