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Crystal Palace 0-0 Newcastle United (21/01/2023)


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Disappointing yesterday only because it felt like 2 points dropped.


But I can't be upset with a draw away and the performance and Intensity is still there in abundance, we just need some new ideas to unlock sides.


Some new (improved) additions in the middle could certainly help as we seem to spurn a lot of good chances with some awful finishing.


Yesterday we had opportunities, they all just seemed to be dead centre of the goal and with no power behind them.


Hopefully we get some targets through the door that are at the top end of the wishlist and not just players for players sake.

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I'd like to see howe mix it up in games where teams sit in. Maybe even just switching wingers sides to see if getting regular byline crosses in helps knick a goal. 

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31 minutes ago, Stal said:

I watched the match in the pub for the first time in years and enjoyed it. I actually cared again and got excited watching us, draw or not.

I don’t enjoy watching our games in the pub. Always feels like I miss things and you can take it all in and concentrate better at home. 

Other teams it’s different. I watched Arsenal’s last two games with a mixed group of fans and it was good fun. 

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41 minutes ago, Inferior Acuña said:

Viera said "You always want more but at the same time you have to realise the teams we played - Chelsea, United and Newcastle - three teams are at a different level."


Fucking love us being seen like that again.


He called them United in the same breath with us!?


I always hated him.

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