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Ayala leaving Valencia for English club?


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Could it be us?

World class centre back who could be a great short term solution (age).

Just seen it on the spanish upmarket version of match of the day where the guests are normally "ITK", one of them commented that it is certain he is to leave and there is an english club in discussion...

Please, Please...could be just what we need, cheap too as he has fallen out with the coaching team!

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I don't think its us,i really hope its us,but tbh i don't think our Managar or Chairman are smart enough to sign such a good player


I don't think you're smart enough to realize he'd probably not come here to begin with. 



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Aye, thinking about it, it would seem more likely that chelsea would be a more appropriate destination for him:

First class back up for Terry and Carvalho.

Big wads of dosh should suffice if the non-playing bit gets a bit boring.

Bright lights.


Hmmmm, me thinks I'm getting prematurely exited.

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