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Andy Cole

Guest smoggeordie

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Firstly very bad signing especially after all the tosh from Roeder that he only wants to sign young players but also because it shows we can't get anyone in the window and have no cash. Secondly why would Cole want to sign for Newcastle after all the times he has been booed ?

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Would rather sign Cole than nobody.


We need someone to score the goals if Martins is injured/off-form


Cole has consistently scored goals at every club he has played for if given starting opportunities.

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I think it said West Ham and Everton on the telly before.


If he's fit, he's still got it. He was awesome for us last season, even if the way he worked his way out was a bit low after originally moving back up here to be "closer to his family".

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Are West Ham jus stockpiling strikers for shits and giggles:








Cole ??


Carlton Cole aswell, who is shit.

Sheringham lasts about half an hour.

Harewood is shit.

Zamora is shit.

Ashton is good, but injured.

Tevez has been shit.


I'd be looking for strikers too if I was relying on that lot!

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