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Phil Thompson

Mr. Snrub

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The big nosed prick should be sacked from Gillette Soccer Saturday.


Today was the most bias punditry I've ever heard, even going as far as saying "The ball's at the wrong end of the pitch" on several occasions and grunting "Oh, no" when we scored.


It's hard to have a good rant considering we just won, but that bin dipping cunt really wound me up today.  :knuppel2:

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Guest andynufc84


Thompson was a disgrace today, everytime he sighed you just knew the toon were doing something right


'the ball is at the wrong end of the pitch jeff' in other words newcastle are attacking


just makes the victory a whole lot sweeter

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Hes an ugly prick, try not to let him get to you. He knows what he is doing tbh.

As much as I hate to agree, thats so.

His bias towards Liverpuddle is ridiculous, though.

The other big nosed dickhead LeTiz is worse (another anti-Newcastle for reasons best known to himself)

I agree about Merson - great bloke.

I always remember only Merson and Ian Wright took our side in the rags about the disgraceful Stevenage business.

(Actually, I always recall that the most critical of Newcastle were Liverpool and Spuds fans for some reason)


People should lighten up a bit, I thought it was funny as f***. The other pundits were laughing

Thats a good point, they were - from what little I saw.

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If a pundit shows bias, people moan.  If Shearer tries to remain impartial about Newcastle, people moan.

Shearer is the only one who bothers to be impartial on MOTD so he might as well become totally biased in a "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" way. All that calling Steven Gerrard "Stevie G" crap (like he's their best mate) from the Liverpool boys Hansen and Lawrenson.

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Guest optimistic nit

To be fair, I thought the point of Soccer Saturday was to have totally biased pundits.



quoted for truth. I don't mind thompson being totally pool biased, in what way does it affect me? its funny to see him when they lose and i laughed very hard at his wrong end slip. I have no problems whatsoever with this.

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Love it when Jeff Stelling goes on about a hartlepool goal, or Dimi Konstantopoulos being a 'household name in Hartlepool' but when someones constantly doing it in a game, it's annoying as fuck.

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