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Shearer on Oba


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Oba can be fans' hero

Feb 17 2007

By Nick Purewal, The Evening Chronicle


Goal machine Alan Shearer reckons Oba Martins can make the legend's No 9 shirt his own.


Newcastle's favourite son hailed the Nigerian's "impressive" 13-goal return, then tipped the pace ace to nail down his old shirt by banging in goal after goal.


United's all-time top-scorer believes the Martins, Michael Owen and Shola Ameobi striking trio will have rival Premiership managers drooling.


Praising Martins' persistence after an inauspicious start, Shearer said the strike trio will put the fear of God into defences all over the country.


And now Martins has settled into the Premiership's hustle and bustle, Shearer expects to see that trademark somersault with increasing regularity.


Shearer said: "It's a very good return - whether anyone likes it or not, forwards are going to be judged on the goals they score and at the moment he's been able to do that.


"He needed time to settle down coming from a different league and a different footballing culture.


"Slowly but surely he's starting to show people what he can do, and hopefully there will be a lot more to come."


Once the three strikers hit fitness and form, Shearer reckons the goals will rocket in around St James' Park - and other Premiership sides won't know what's hit them.


Ameobi and Owen are both on the road to recovery, and for Glenn Roeder their return can't come quick enough.


But in a season blighted by one crippling injury after another, Shearer said Roeder has worked his socks off without once moaning, and deserves the light now starting to glimmer at the end of the tunnel.


Shearer said: "The Owen-Martins combination certainly has potential without a doubt, but don't forget Shola: he's had a serious injury too.


"He'll come back into the fold, and when they have got everyone fit they will be a match for more than most.


"They're all going to get goals, will complement each other well and hopefully can strike up a really good understanding together.


"Plenty of sides will be jealous of that trio, that's for sure."


At the same stage last season, Newcastle were worse off in the league, but a sudden burst of form propelled United to seventh spot and a UEFA Cup place.


And Shearer hopes a repeat performance is on the cards for Roeder's troops as the business end of the campaign approaches.


He said: "Glenn has done really well under the circumstances with all the injuries this season.


"I think it was this time last year that we went on a great run that got us into the UEFA Cup, and Glenn will be looking to do exactly the same thing.


"United had a great win against Liverpool, so if they keep that going you just never know.


"Results like that can really have an effect on a side and get things moving.


"With a little bit of luck, and a few more bodies back from injury, you never know what's going to happen.


"Hopefully, they can finish in a high league position and get back into Europe."

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He should reach 20 I reckon, maybe even more depending on how quick Owen is back. Funny though how knackerd Oba looked on Thursday night after playing uptop with Le Sib, to how he looks after playing uptop with Dyer. I know injuries is what made Glenn play Dyer in the middle but he MUST leave the front two alone and let Oba and KD do their stuff. Once Owen is back then Dyer can take his place in CM alongside Parker or Butt.

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he's got 14 already hasn't he?


13. He's done very very well since November-December. Obviously getting some important goals (those two at home against Watford amongst many others) but he's been an essential part of overall play.

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i would love if shearer got a coaching roll at the club becaus of the influence he would have on Martins.  Playing alongside Owen and learning from shearer could make him one of the worlds best.

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I said when we signed Martins if he gets 10 goals and plays well he has done well considering he is young and adapting to a new league, 13 goals and around half as many assists SO FAR he has done very well! Especially considering the constant team changes and lack of quality partner!

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Guest Knightrider

10 goals would have been nice when we signed him, he's broke that number and well on target for 15 or more which would be an excellent return and something I certainly never expected. He has done great this season and the beauty is that you can see there is an awful lot more to his game still to come if he keeps developing.

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To be fair he seems to learn though, the week after he was booked for trying to get the ball of a keeper the same situation occured and you could see he thought about it but stopped himself doing anything. Ref was a fussy fucker aswell!

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