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Sick of the football forum


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Its getting so bad in here....great example some one says parker had a shit game, then some one who dident even watch the game agree then he has no passion, cant tackle bla bla.  Jesus i remember when people were saying he was the best player we have. 


cba to type about it any more some of you belong on the bloody jeremy kyle show

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Guest tobiazvanderziaz

I agree with Slim. One thing is to have an opinion about a player which could change over time but this game to game opinions are frustrating to read about. Got the feeling that some people in here doesnt listen to themself enough and just jump on some of the IMO unfair critism of Newcastle players.


One of the best examples of this this season is Taylor who from month to month is praised to the sky and getting slayed...make up you mind please!

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Guest Invicta_Toon

The games forum is the best thing thats happened round here in a long time for me.


Excellent place to browse through.



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Its not the fourms,its mainly because our season is practicly over,and their is nothing much to talk about..unless NUFC start a new winning or losing streak it will stay like this since the transfer window begans and we sign no one,roeder gets sacked,we are bottom of the table,etc..























+ no one posts in the "Albert Luque" thread anymore :(

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