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Game of the season


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Just premiership games, know stupid thread but just seen a where would english finish in EPL thread and im bored.  so .. shut up  :angel:


personally i reckon best game seen so far has got to be Newcastel vs Spurs at WHL.  Martins goal in my view is best goal of the season, running away from the goal, next to know angle, defender in between him and goal(who happens be up there with Cannavaro btw :laugh:)  and the England Number One in goal O0.  Bravo !

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Guest smoggeordie

Barca-Real at Nou Camp :D


what part of "just premiership games" did u not understand?



Which part of "Luque is shit" do YOU not understand?  ;)

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i am still waiting ManU vs Chelski at their last game... especially when they both have the same chance to win...


but if i pick the already happen surely Newcastle vs Spuds this season home and away :D quite enjoyable to see them pissing themselves

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