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    Mobile phones

    I'm due an upgrade next month from my huawei mate 20x. Currently paying 54 a month which includes 25GB and I don't really want to increase that. What's my best option? It's mainly for general browsing and video recording of the daughters football. I'm tempted by xiaomi seeing as vodafone no longer offer huawei.
  2. How is that not obstruction by VVD? He made no attempt to play the ball and just kept blocking the Arsenal man until Alison got the ball. Used to be an indirect FK in the box every time.
  3. For Da Silva's red card yesterday, Mike Dean obviously had somehow given the free kick the wrong way initially. It was a clear red but if it hadn't been and he had viewed the monitor and decided it wasn't a red, did he then have the option of a yellow and a free kick to us, or was it red or nothing?
  4. Putting aside the drug dealing aspect of it, it was the most realistic police show I have seen. Really captured the effect the job can have and the frustration of frequent callers.
  5. Belfast Boy

    Jesse Lingard

    With West Ham failing in their other targets I reckon Lingard will end up there tonight
  6. Presenting them a special edition set of Helios?
  7. Cue a chronicle article pointing out that he isn't actually related to former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol
  8. Southampton as a club just got bought for £100million didn't they? Buy the lot for £150million,keep Salisu and JWP then sell the rest of the club on to someone like Ashley 😂
  9. Its probably not, but this feels like the first game where Howe has actually had a full week to prepare. I suppose he has been distracted by trying to find signings but it would be lovely to watch the first 15 minutes and recognise some sort of game plan specifically to beat Leeds. In this case you would imagine it has to be playing off Wood and optimising set pieces.
  10. What sport are Brighton playing Chelsea off the park at here and how can we get involved?
  11. Great news and even better if their game vs Watford goes too. All the more chance of us spending the rest of the window out of the relegation zone and therefore attracting players easier.
  12. Still hope we will get a CB in for Watford but listening to the radio there, Hassenhutl saying no way is JWP for sale. But the whole club just got bought for £100m, got to be worth a bid and see how strong the new owners resolve is.
  13. Happy with this as long as its a stop gap, under 10 million. Have we had anyone else from New Zealand before? Dave Mitchell and Craig Moore are both Australian aren't they?
  14. Did all they could to find a reason to disallow the Villa goal, never even looked at that when he's lying there bleeding
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