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  1. The tech has really come on a pace the last few years making things a lot quicker is what they are saying.
  2. Some good news. Some treatments already in phase 1 testing. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2020/03/13/coronavirus-drug-update-the-latest-info-on-pharmaceutical-treatments-and-vaccines/#6dddcc1e21db Moderna Cambridge, MA-based biotech startup Moderna has developed a potential mRNA vaccine against COVID-19. The vaccine was developed in collaboration with scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The vaccine works by getting the immune system to develop antibodies against a “spike protein” found on the virus. A batch of the vaccine has been manufact
  3. From what I can make of it heavy smokers and people with compromised immune response (mainly the older ones) are most at risk. So it seems (for now).
  4. No. 2020 is pretty much written off. 12 months from now would likely be miraculous. They've had some success in China with HIV drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs. The HIV drugs cuts down the virus ability to multiply in the body or some-such...I'm not a scientist. The things that Labs are currently trying to speed through some use the SARS platform (from a few years ago) which saves a lot of time afaik.
  5. Trump is deffo high risk with his burger diet and fatness. Plus he has the kind of hair that attracts the virus.
  6. Save us Troll ffs! Have a look at licorice root.
  7. If this goes bad a lot of people are going to die that's all you need to know. It's only just begun in the UK and the Govt. have not really done anything for two months. Herd immunity is a massive gambit imo.
  8. Darpa the military hi tech contractor is working on 'B' cell sequencing from recovered patients to make something they can give us to boost the immune system. Short of a vaccine they say this might be a possible holding mechanism (3 months away). Troll might be able to tell us what this means or is.
  9. Yeah he put my mind at ease a bit the other day after I came on here straight from scary articles.
  10. Did a cheeky trip to the steakhouse last night and then saw Parasite with the family. Sat away from everyone in the restaurant even though they said, 'that area is closed'. Same MO in the cinema (there was literally 20 people in there). It's definitely in the air conditioning filtration systems at these kinds of places but getting it from that you have to be pretty unlucky as they are mixed with outside air. Bit of research had revealed that most airlines have hepa filters on their flights which I don't know the science behind it should be good enough (unless your sitting next to a super
  11. The Govt. are reacting in slow motion. Sickening to watch.
  12. Just ordered some masks from Amazon. I now they are of negligible benefit but I need to be doing something....Anything!!
  13. If I could get away with self quarantine on my own to get away from the wife and kids, I would, even if it meant getting the virus for real Bring it on, I’ve had fucking man flu! This is proper wind up material.
  14. People that come over to my place have to take their shoes off outside and wash their hands with a hospital grade sanitizer. I've had this protocol in place for a month now. Think most people have been thinking about defensive measures for a few weeks now. It shocked me when Bojo said the other day in a carefree manner that, ''I suppose it will go through our society, I don't want to take any draconian measures''. Fat fucking donkey that he is.
  15. Yeah that was a mistake. Should be paying more attention to the phrases with something like this. Apologies. Been reading so much on it the last couple of weeks scared meself.
  16. I don't know. But as Troll said there must be some immune response and I agree with that part. But some reports say that the virus has the ability to go dormant for a bit and then come back so immune response or not you are still a carrier for quite some time. We don't know enough yet...There has been a blizzard of scientific papers the last couple of weeks so it must be new in unique ways...That is the bit that bothers me.
  17. Yeah they said it looks like its gone but it's just hiding. Something about it here. The Chinese at ground zero are ahead of the game at this time. I agree with you that we develop 'some' immunity as the body will recognize it the second time and that will be helpful for vaccines etc. But there is something about this that is bothering me. We will find out more in the coming weeks and months. https://www.businessinsider.com/wuhan-coronavirus-risk-of-reinfection-2020-2?r=DE&IR=T https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-spread-after-recovery.html
  18. From what I've read the body doesn't build immunity to it. In China people caught it a second time. It might die down when all the sunshine and UV hits but I suspect it will be back. Also there were a lot of false negatives in the tests because it hides in the body so well. Bearing in mind they never developed a vaccine for SARS I don't hold out much hope for this one either. There are some good articles in the Lancet and other places. The low death rate might look good but it helps it spread further as the host isn't wiped out quickly. https://www.thelancet.com/coronavirus
  19. My daughter has now taken an interest now that school might be shut down. All the local supermarkets are out of hand wash and sterilizing stuff. Been buying essentials for a couple of weeks now but looking at it won't last more than a month (will be sick of tuna by then).
  20. Forgot about that. There is quite some rush to find things that might help. Not to worry folk but some of the HIV and Ebola drugs show promise. https://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/analysis/coronavirus-mers-cov-drugs/
  21. Well there's 2 approaches so that kind of depends on whether we want to contain it now and cost ourselves a few billion and a lot of disruption, or wait until shit gets bad like in Italy and try to shut the door after the horse has bolted, costing more billions and many more deaths. We're almost certainly going for the latter, because our government are a bunch of incompetent fuckwits. I'm sure they're more worried about he stock market.
  22. This is a helluva way to save on pensions. The fact they started spraying streets from huge trucks with disinfectant in S.Korea is worrying. Looks like it stays alive on surfaces for quite some time. I've read 9 days and as long as a month in some places. Went to a concert the other night and the place was half empty. We're not quite there yet but going anywhere in close proximity to loads of people is going to be high risk.
  23. https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/lab-made-coronavirus-triggers-debate-34502 Be safe. Take basic precautions as tbe asymptomatic nature of Ncov means that symptoms take weeks to show. Act as if it is already here. The Chinese state numbers are way out.
  24. From Ashley into the arms of the genocidal human rights abusers House of Saud. Unreal. The club is cursed.
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