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  1. Talksport, yes I know it’s wank but some NUFC ‘fan’ with the accent of a farmer saying ‘no crisis, worse teams than us. It’s embarrassing. Still gonna listen though in the vain hope a psycho fan tells it as it is.
  2. Midds' posts for weeks have been absolutely bang on. Fantastically honest and true but also totally 100% accurate posts.
  3. I wish this forum had a 'like' button.
  4. Jay Jay Sea


    It's probably best you don't follow anything to do with the club then. Wow. Wishing ill (an injury for goodness sake) upon players that have nothing to do with the situation because you feel an ill has been done to you. Your no better than MA in reality then. Right? Ok, injures might be a bit far. Hope he’s a liability and receives nowt but reds. Ashley’s a cunt. I’m fucked off, I’m definitely a slight better human than Ashley. Just disappointed in the sheep that can’t see the bigger picture.
  5. Jay Jay Sea


    Just be reading the Chonics comments about this signing. Fuck me, it’s horrendous. It’s so depressing. Nothing against the lad but hope he’s a flop or is injured straight off. Fucking hate the club, owner bust worse still, the ‘fans’. I’ve sidestepped pals because of this shit. It’s crazy shit. What the fuck are they seeing that a lot don’t see on this forum? I’ll never change my view, the clubs rotten to the core and I now pray it fucks up massively, to the point where the ‘fans’ wake up. Man, fucking shit the lot of them.
  6. Seymour is the worst fucking poster on here by a country mile, fucking shocking. He alone is symptomatic of the majority of cretinous problem we have amongst our 'fan base' because he has a complete and total inability to see the bigger picture. Grade A moron, it's absolutely fucking embarrassing. Sorry no, he is a monumental embarrassment. My hope for this season is that SD United get absolutely fucking leathered, relegated, free-fall as far as the club needs to in order for Ashley to fuck off out of town. Fuck Bruce, fuck Ashley, and fuck you Seymour, you're as bad a the owner as manager. Cretin.
  7. Tony reckons we are playing into Ashley's hands and how can he spend if we don't put money into the club by not attending games, there's no money to spend. Fucking thick useless cunt. We should support the team, boycott his shops. CUNT.
  8. Tony on Talksport, Newcastle fan. What an embarrassing cunt. Fuckin wanker.
  9. Jay Jay Sea


    Truly awful news. My heart goes out to Stu’s family, HF and young Ben. I never had the good fortune of meeting LBW but he was definitely one of the reasons I enjoyed posting on NO all those years ago. I’m sure he’s with his Wife and with Cajun, another top poster. LBW was definitely one of the ‘old guard’, proper forum ‘stalwart’ all those years ago. I regret never meeting up with LBW especially as I found out he lived only a short distance from me once I relocated to South Shields years ago 😕. Such a shame, RIP LBW ❤️.
  10. Get the fuck in. Pardew, here's my message to you chap; even if I killed you, I wouldn't give you the satisfaction of skinning you and wearing your face whilst sat having xmas dinner with your mother as she goes down on me at the table you punk. I know you read this forum Pardew but fuck you. I've got standards anaarl you cunt. Happy Xmas fellow forum members.
  11. Jay Jay Sea

    The Metro

    How the fuck does a down power line at Percy Main hours ago result in a packed train being terminated at South Gosforth? These cunts are taking the piss. It's every day. Eating into serious drinking time. But it'll be a different story when I head back on the metro later when I cause mayhem by fucking pissing myself, getting my fat cock out, assaulting the inspectors and basically shitting my self by way of protest. I'll probably have a wank as well, cum all over the checkies as they're laid out after concurrent round-houses and strong shit stench. Cunts
  12. :bluestar: Keefaz me auld chap. How's it going? Proper old skool connection going down here. Just need AS9 to appear now
  13. Jay Jay Sea

    The Metro

    Is there a Nexus/Metro forum where folks can vent their spleen i.e. not directly set-up by Nexus who welcome feedback?
  14. Jay Jay Sea

    The Metro

    More fucking delays. Platforms are rammed. 25 min delays Shields to Coast. Shite.
  15. I think i see where you might be going with that news NUFC54.......or at least i'm wondering whether he's about to move North
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