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  1. Ex-players never fail to disappoint when they open their mouths. Benz’s turn this morning, championing Chris Wilder as some sort of revolutionary idea and stating the next man must be British.
  2. Quite the leap from Conte to Carrick in one article
  3. Could be that arbitration is either under way or imminent and the delay in releasing this “bomb” via the press is a negotiating tactic to apply pressure to the PL. NDM has always maintained that these things are best settled outside of court/arbitration.
  4. Thread title change was oddly prophetic. He’s genuinely a false manager now that Jones is in charge
  5. See his wiki has already been updated: "Graeme Anthony Jones (born 13 March 1970) is an English professional football manager and former player who played as a forward. He is currently first team coach at Newcastle United. He then proceeded to play aggressive attacking football after telling steve bruce to "do one cabbage heed"."
  6. Lots wrong with this. Mainly that we've finished in the top ten 4 times in the past 15 years, in spite of the owner. Constantly belittling the club, nufc fan my arse.
  7. Isn't it also the name of a PJ & Duncan Monkees cover**? Open to ridicule. ** My lass bought it, honest.
  8. On his way back to Newcastle now. Confirmed later today/tomorrow - Caulkin, Hope & Hardy
  9. Pretty sure I'm being overly optimistic but I've chosen to believe that his break clause was only publicised as an added incentive for the players to stay up. i.e. Stay up this year and you get to work with a world class manager next year. Go down and it's back to working for has-beens and charlatans.
  10. I agree, he should have played through his collapsed lung. Pft, molly coddled footballers these days eh?
  11. Surely this stems from defenders jockeying strikers in the box - with their arms outstretched. They are therefore attempting to block the space between attacker and goal and that can therefore be interpreted as deliberate should the ball strike the arm. Clearly not the case with this incident where you'd be extremely hard pressed to make a case that it was deliberate in any sense.
  12. Geordinho

    Steve McClaren

    Nowhere to go now after going head to head with the players this week. Surely this was shit or bust, and was quite clearly just shit.
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