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  1. Ex-players never fail to disappoint when they open their mouths. Benz’s turn this morning, championing Chris Wilder as some sort of revolutionary idea and stating the next man must be British.
  2. Quite the leap from Conte to Carrick in one article
  3. Could be that arbitration is either under way or imminent and the delay in releasing this “bomb” via the press is a negotiating tactic to apply pressure to the PL. NDM has always maintained that these things are best settled outside of court/arbitration.
  4. Thread title change was oddly prophetic. He’s genuinely a false manager now that Jones is in charge
  5. See his wiki has already been updated: "Graeme Anthony Jones (born 13 March 1970) is an English professional football manager and former player who played as a forward. He is currently first team coach at Newcastle United. He then proceeded to play aggressive attacking football after telling steve bruce to "do one cabbage heed"."
  6. Lots wrong with this. Mainly that we've finished in the top ten 4 times in the past 15 years, in spite of the owner. Constantly belittling the club, nufc fan my arse.
  7. Isn't it also the name of a PJ & Duncan Monkees cover**? Open to ridicule. ** My lass bought it, honest.
  8. On his way back to Newcastle now. Confirmed later today/tomorrow - Caulkin, Hope & Hardy
  9. Pretty sure I'm being overly optimistic but I've chosen to believe that his break clause was only publicised as an added incentive for the players to stay up. i.e. Stay up this year and you get to work with a world class manager next year. Go down and it's back to working for has-beens and charlatans.
  10. I agree, he should have played through his collapsed lung. Pft, molly coddled footballers these days eh?
  11. Surely this stems from defenders jockeying strikers in the box - with their arms outstretched. They are therefore attempting to block the space between attacker and goal and that can therefore be interpreted as deliberate should the ball strike the arm. Clearly not the case with this incident where you'd be extremely hard pressed to make a case that it was deliberate in any sense.
  12. Geordinho

    Steve McClaren

    Nowhere to go now after going head to head with the players this week. Surely this was shit or bust, and was quite clearly just shit.
  13. Need someone to beat someone?! This guy for real? We've got one in Hull!!! :rant: :rant:
  14. Perfect tone and as others have said, a dignified response. The most notable point for me in the whole statement is that they are confirming now that this will continue until Ashley is gone as well. It's been strictly about Pardew until now. It'll be interesting to see if that brings a few more off the fence.
  15. More evidence (if it was needed) that this is why he can't stand Europe - he loses his precious "preparation" time.
  16. Moyes would be a huge upgrade and the pick of domestic targets surely? Built steadily at Everton under similar constraints but at least seemed to understand the club and fan base. At the very least he would have the bollocks to challenge Ashley. He certainly isn't a yes man.
  17. Geordinho

    Loïc Remy

    Sounds a bit like when he let Demba dictate his position despite it being obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes that he'd be off as soon as his clause was activated.
  18. The cynic in me suggest that this is why we've started doing business in January. All of the recent season ticket deals (10, 9, & 8 year price freezes) mean that renewal decision time is the end of January/February. If we can stumble through until the January window and then buy some players that offer hope, then fans will renew. It will be interesting when the original three year deals expire.
  19. I have zero faith in the team, but Wigan have to win two games and I simply cannot see that happening (as well as us losing all three of ours, which is almost a certainty but that's irrelevant UNLESS they win two games) Not if Wigan win one and draw two, then we'll need points. Not massively out of the realms of possibility that they get a point at WBA, beat Swans at home and then just need a point at home to Villa. Even worse if Villa only need a point at that stage as well.
  20. Geordinho

    Alan Pardew

    Of course, but that doesn't mean he isn't decent at man management. He might still be good at it but, like you say, unable to counteract the effects of so many defeats. You're right though, man management is easy when you're winning. He might be decent at the lovey-dovey side of man-management but when it comes to the difficult bit he's failed miserably with the most notable example being his treatment of Ba to the detriment of the team. He should have had the balls to stand up to him and it cost us big style. Have to wonder if that's where the players started to disrespect him. They
  21. Geordinho

    Alan Pardew

    If Sissoko has left early due to it being a "light training session" then how come that only applies to him? I thought it was only him that left early? Doesn't add up IMO.
  22. Rubbish. It was a bit fickle, but at least the team used to fight on the pitch, the club used to at least try to go places, going all out in Europe, making the Champions League, going out at the start of a season with the intention of challenging for the title - half of that was only 10 years ago. We've just become a big ball of apathetic nonsense in the last few seasons. Ashley and his cronies have squeezed every last ounce of passion and excitement out of Newcastle United, and people just shrug their shoulders and say "ah well." The protests under Shepherd were embarrassing but at least w
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