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  1. Anyone know what parking is like near the stadium?
  2. I've got a mixed group of Brentford and Newcastle fans coming up from London for this. Any decent pubs in town that are good for mix of home and away fans?
  3. Is it that Ben Stevens guy he was sitting next too in the stands when he had the touchline ban?
  4. To me it looks like Pardew is just going to keep it tight for 70 mins and then bring on Cabella and Cisse to try and sneak a late winner. Typical Pardew, wimping out of this when Sunderland are there for the taking.
  5. He looks like he could potentially be a great cm, he showed glimpses of his ability on the ball to push the team forward. He just needs to impose himself on the game a bit more, as he appeared to drift in and out of the play. Would be a great partner for a more deeper midfielder like anita and tiote if he could take control the play to a greater extent.
  6. Sissoko just doesn't have the vision or passing ability to suit the attacking midfield role, De Jong would be much more effective there. Ideally Ben Arfa would replace Gouffran out wide, but that's not likely to happen unfortunately.
  7. Here is a little write up about him from 2013- http://inbedwithmaradona.com/100-2013-review/2013/11/15/facundo-ferreyra FACUNDO FERREYRA Facundo Ferreyra 22 Striker Shakhtar Donetsk Argentina 2013 has been... Facundo Ferreyra has had a busy year scoring goals. Plain and simple, whenever “Chucky” has featured he has helped himself to a hatful of goals and that’s even continued in the Ukraine after his summer switch from Velez to Shakhtar Donetsk. A tall, pacey striker Ferreyra first caught the eye after coming through the youth system at Banfield. Able to score go
  8. Waiting http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0348333/ Found it seriously funny, will not be for everyone's taste, but I couldn't stop laughing throughout.
  9. Do you reckon Jesse's hate for Todd and the Nazi's greater than his hate for Walt now, that they could end up joining together one last time to bring the Nazi's down? I loved the scene with Todd in the cafe with Lydia, made him seem so human and I felt sorry for him in a way, then minutes later he turns straight back into the cold-hearted killer.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A51C6ge9v3k
  11. Only really saw them at the end when most people had left, he had his family and group of other people following him around. They weren't really doing anything bad, but just seemed to be a bit of a large and loud group, with Ashley strolling around like he owned the place. However I think they stood out a bit from the "upper-class" crowd, generally seen in the exclusive areas he was in. He looked like he was enjoying himself, seemingly not worried by anything happening in Newcastle at the moment.
  12. Doesn't look like there will be any progress at Newcastle anytime soon, after seeing Ashley and his "crew" pretty drunk and boisterous at Ascot today. They then happened to bump into a group which appeared to contain one of the Venky's from Blackburn, who was even more drunk than Ashley. I really wanted to go up and say something to him, but I was working and knew it wouldn't end well.
  13. Could be quite a clever move by Ashley. If each premier league position is worth £800,000, if we do win there is a good chance of the club jumping up a few places and bringing in much more than £1 million.
  14. If Colo is back, would be tempted to play M'biwa at full back with Taylor and Colo in the centre.
  15. powellnufc

    Alan Pardew

    I think the problem in the first half was more the final ball rather than not attacking them. We often got the ball into wide positions well but the final cross was terrible, even cabaye was un-characteristicly smashing the ball out of play.
  16. Marveaux and Ben Arfa to come on and run and tired legs!
  17. I'm still not convinced that he is certain to leave this summer. If the club were unwilling to let an asset leave for free in January, whose to say they are going to allow it in the summer. He has the summer break to go and sort out whatever issues he may have and unless another club is willing to stump up enough cash he will remain under contract at Newcastle.
  18. Looks like we've got a high defensive line, helping us press further up!
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