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    The guy who owns it is a proper prick like. Owns or runs? It’s owned by the brewery I believe. Used to be some dude who owned horses and it won the national and paid for the bar. No idea if he owned it or not. He used to have two alsatians, used to walk them and pretend they were aggressive as owt. Anyone within 6ft used to get a warning to back off. I worked next to his, we shared an alley with the place, when one had died and he only had 1 left it escaped and we found it. It was the friendliest dog ever. Another time he got broken into and the dog was found hiding under a table, still
  2. Changing the audio to stadium fx got rid of the static noise for me.
  3. Pop a 40 and check your rollies, it's Brine Time. Soz.
  4. My days between work are empty and unproductive, watched 4 episodes this morning. I'll definitely be rewatching once I'm caught up.
  5. Started watching this a couple of weeks ago, after being told to for ages. Fucking amazing, up to series/season 10 now. Not sure if I'm gutted that I left it so long, or happy that I saved it for lockdown.
  6. Agree with that. Still wish he wasn't here and we had a manager we could like. Fucking daft fat prick.
  7. Happy to win. Happy for shortstaff. Happy that Bruce said he was reverting to Rafa tactics. Fat useless cunt can't/shouldn't take the credit for it. I know he still will, but I'm happy to know that he's full of shit.
  8. They'll use the clean sweep as a reason to have a 'superstar swap' type thing. Need to rearrange things with all the injuries & shit.
  9. madness, these fuckers are insane That reminds me of that post someone made ages ago about posts on RTG where they accuse everyone of being mags and then eventually themselves before realising they'd been shafted again. It was before Pardew and McClaren ruined everything so it doesn't apply now, but it was class. I was thinking of this as well, yesterday. If it's the one I think it is it was either Bluestar's post, or he had it at his sig for ages. If it culminates in "ah fuck, we've lost again", it was definitely that one https://www.newcastle-online.org/forum/index.php?t
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