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  1. Problem solved. Daughter has been watching Ralph breaks the internet. All finished now!
  2. Love reading this forum and don't often post, however:- I am 46 years old and can't remember the Joe Harvey days that well as I only went to reserve games with my dad back then. I do however remember Gordon Lee, Richard Dinnis, Bill McGarry, Liam McFaul, Jim Smith, Souness, Roeder, Sam, Pardew etc. etc. etc. By my calculation I have enjoyed 8-10 years out of 46 and lived through 20 years of sack the board under various regimes. Keegan days were unbelievable and Bobby days were great, the rest have had zero entertainment. I didn't want McClaren by choice however we are potentially on
  3. HBA has scored arguably the best 2 goals of for the last 2 seasons. He is undoubtably the most talented individual player at the club. At the moment though I can understand that Pardew feels he that we, as a team, are not strong enough to cover for his attack minded play. The problem is not with HBA it is with the less than mediocre players that we have. We are carrying a full back, blooding in a better full back on the other side, playing a lower team standard centre half and without Tiote and Cabaye, have a soft midfield. Hatem must play further forward or our defence and midfield will reall
  4. Love Ben Arfa but to get the best out of him believe we need to play 4 3 3 with him, Ba and Cisse as an interchangeable front three, A bit like Chelsea in the Mourinho days with Drogba, Anelka and Malouda/Kalou/Robben. However even though Tiote and Cabaye are perfect for a midfield tiangle we dont have the full backs and another quality centre midfielder up to the job. I will give the benefit of the doubt to Santon who may be the real deal in his second season but Simpson will never get there. Add another Cabaye type signing to play along side him in midfield, just in front of Tiote, and a top
  5. Put yesterdays performance in to some perspective. Yes we were woeful but Tottenham, especially Adebayor, were unplayable. When tiote and Ba went to the ACN I expected us to capitulate, but when Tiote is back we will still be 1 point from CL qualification. We have gained points when I for one thought we would fail. Performances have not been great, but our central midfield would struggle to get on the bench with a fully fit squad. I am looking forward to the Wolves game as with Tiote and Cabaye back I really can see us pressing on. Season starts now and we have one hell of a chance of winning
  6. After watching today the board must have seen that, even though he scored twice, Best will not take us forward. Add Lovens, Raylor and Simpson to Best and they all need replacing. Final negotiation will be ongoing now for Pieters, Cissokho, Santon (loan), Maiga and Roux. Best sold to Birmingham, Forest or elsewhere in Championship, Simpson to Qpr, Lovens back to Rangers and the Season will look so much more optomistic. Dont give up hope yet Krul Santon Pieters Colo Cissokho Obertan Cabaye Tiote Ben Arfa Roux Maiga Bench Saylor, Ba, Shola, Marveaux, Guti, Vuc
  7. Just received my complimentary Membership badge today. Last week my daughter received her complimentary Junior Magpie pack. Next week letters are being prepared inviting all of us for a trial session to check prowess at left back and finishing. This will be followed up by a behind closed doors game against Gateshead with a first team contract at the end. Thank you Mr Ashley for the opportunity given to all ST holders. However, it must be stated, that any fan successful will not be able to transfer their ST or receive a refund. Nice that they are giving something back though. Wearing my new
  8. My biggest concern is the lack of an English core. When things are not going to plan Joey always came up with an answer even if it was not within the rules. The last 2 home games with Arsenal are a prime example. I dont see Cabaye, no matter how high I rate him, being to affect the opposition quite like Joey can. Both games could easily have been losses. Joey does a great job for us and long may it continue. To let him go for nothing is totally inept. Keep Joey here and start negotiating. Nothing to lose but 5 months wages. Its not as though hes not playing
  9. Why all the negativity? Take the positives Krul looked very safe Colo and Taylor look better every game Raylor, to me, played steady. I was very worried before the start. Cabaye and Tiote got better considering it was their first game. Tiote has had the last fortnight out the country Joey showed the commitment and passion that we need. Imagine him not there Guti had a very gecent 90 minutes. I thought Shola worked his socks off. Supply was poor for all the frontmen. Very unfortunate how the whole ground sighs at any shola-esque issue. Tiote's distribution was worse in the first half. S
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