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  1. As soon as Dubravka started LONG goalkicks to Muto you realised that there really is no tactical awareness at all from the coaching staff.
  2. It’s all setting up for Maguire to go to Man United, he’s put in a request. Natural replacement will be Lascelles, Leicester will “over pay” Ashley won’t be able to say no and we will have nobody to come in.
  3. Milner is very realistic option. Fabino, Ox, Keita, Fekir, Henderson, Wini all surely ahead of him, Lallana too most likely and Trent moving into midfield. He surely must leave, I think he'd be perfect for us.
  4. Rashford surely goes on loan next year, who is a better fit than us? Would be a hero here.
  5. Hi guys, looking for 2 tickets to this game. Happy to pay face value.
  6. Pads1161


    what are they saying on sky?
  7. free kick was sensible, not executed perfectly, but good/not naive.
  8. you dont think thats what the coachign staff are drilling into him? even in junior teams wingers will whip it or cross it depending on how their coaches philosophy is.
  9. Armstrong substitution was horrendous. Put Cabella behind Perez and keep the ball ffs
  10. Ridiculous article. "Safe pair of hands to take over" no experience, no badges, threatened to leave twice, anything but safe.
  11. Pads1161

    John Carver

    Freddie Woodman installed ahead of Jak Alnwick perhaps?
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