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  1. No shot of the good room?
  2. "The change is likely to be introduced in England from 1 July." https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56291850
  3. Unfortunately, the other team kept finding the back of their net.
  4. Do any of the stat providers track "ice hockey" assists? He has been hammered for not getting enough assists, but the number of times the assist came from someone he set through seems off the charts.
  5. Teslact

    Jamal Lewis

    There were times yesterday that Almiron busted his gut to make space, and he wouldn't throw to him.
  6. With whatever hope I have for them, maybe he learned something hanging around Marseille for so long. Completely different, but a rich kid after a plaything was the final nail for TVR.
  7. I'd assumed that Leeds tweet with the fish and chips on deadline day, was a reference to him being a surprise signing for them. Who was that about then?
  8. Those fans from Gateshead showing the way, climbing the football ladder.
  9. Some kind of Brewster's Millions scam?
  10. What does the * next to McGeady mean? If you search on that page, or click through to his page, the only use of it is next to his name and never explained. I assume it means "making up the numbers so the total count doesn't look too bad, but has been told to f**k off".
  11. Shambolic by the EFL again. Imposing a deduction this season on Wigan for an event less than two months ago (after the original football calendar would have been over), but not on Wednesday for an offence that took place over a year ago.
  12. Reading a few articles about their history, a bit from Hamilton came in my head "Without a pot to piss in, He started sayin' this to anybody who would listen". Probably still pass the EFL ownership tests.
  13. Does UK commentary not cover why VAR ruled it out? In the USA they told us VAR's decision was Kane collided with Vertonghen first, which is what was taking him down just before the push.
  14. On NBC coverage they said VAR said you could see the compression on the ball where his hand hit it (in the camera angle that is from behind and over his shoulder).
  15. Please don't tweet this. Trump will retweet it with "It's true. Obama failed, big time, but I got it done. Believe me. It was beautiful."
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