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The hand of god couldn't help us atm! (Maradona)


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Maradona pays visit to Magpies


DEFENDER David Rozehnal has revealed football legend Diego Maradona was a surprise visitor to the Newcastle dressing room after last night's defeat at Arsenal.


The 27-year-old Czech international told the club's official website, www.nufc.co.uk: "We met Diego after the game and he came in the dressing room.


"It was really nice of him. It was a lift for us and was quite surreal.


"To meet such a big name in football is great, and something to remember for us."


Newcastle lost the game 3-0 as their wait for a victory - and indeed, a goal - under new boss Kevin Keegan continued.


Rozehnal added: "It was disappointing again. Arsenal are a good team, but I think we are playing well in patches.


"But we havent picked up a result again. That is a concern and we cannot rest easily until we do get that win."



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Guest Erich von Manstein

greatest player of all time, each and every player should have been kissing his feet


I know I wouldn't.

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can't help but feel Terry Mac orchestrated this as a "little treat" for the players to try and lift morale.


"No matter how good you think you are, if you keep going down the Quayside every night and slack off in training you're going to end up like this"

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Wish he could have visited them before the  fookin match instead of after when it was too late the little Argy t*** ,only joking a true football legend and i hope he is better know after his troubles  O0

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