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UEFA U17 Champs


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For you lads that have a thirst for youg lads whack Eurosport on & watch France U17 play the Irish U17 in the opening game of UEFA U17 Champs later on today.


This was the tournament we spotted Tim Krul in.


Previous winners of the Golden Player:


2007: Bojan Krkić

2006: Toni Kroos

2005: Nuri Şahin

2004: Cesc Fabregas

2003: David Rodríguez

2002: Wayne Rooney

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Game 1


Group A

France 2-1 Rep. Ireland (Tafer, Lacazette) - (Murphy)

Spain 2-0 Switzerland (Sergi 2)


Group B

Scotland 0-2 Serbia (Aleksic 2)

Turkey 3-0 Netherlands (Karatas, Albayrak, Demir)


I watched the Turkey game and they completely dominated a poor Netherlands side. Before the game both Geoffrey Castillion and Batuhan Karadeniz were billed as players to watch out for by the commentators, although only one of them delivered anything of note. Castillion was marked out of the game by a strong Turkey backline and his only real guilt-edge opportunity came in the closing stages of the game, a volley that shaved the crossbar. Karadeniz caused problems until he was substituted by combining his physical presence with a good first touch. He actually had a great opportunity to open the scoring, by taking on a defender after bringing the ball down well on his chest, but Zoet saved well.

The first goal was extremely easy for Turkey, a long ball delivered by Eren and Karatas in acres of space was able to drill the ball past Zoet. The long ball from Eren was often pivotal in the build up to Turkeys attacking movements, but Gokhan Tore was a standout. The predominately left footed player caused problems for the Netherlands by cutting inside and running at players with speed. His crossing ability is decent and bodes well with a good first touch, however he isn't always able to get a shot at goal when in a promising position.

Turkey may be strong favourites after an accomplished display against the usually impressive Netherlands side. 

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Game 2


Group A

Turkey 1-0 Scotland (Yollu)

Netherlands 1-0 Serbia (Castillion)


Group B

Rep. Ireland 0-1 Switzerland (Gunning o.g.)

France 3-3 Spain (Tafer, Grenier, Remy) - (Thiago 2, Pulido)

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Spain have destroyed them, all of the look class. Keko and that Garcia upfront look class.


Imagine, if Bojan was playing for this Spanish team as well, would be like 8-0.

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