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Im now Nile Ranger FRIEND


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I'm Martins' friend on Facebook (along with what looks like everyone in the Newcastle network). Should I have made a thread for that too?


you know it's not the real Oba though, right? whereas this actually IS a new signing, admittedly, not a particularly important one

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From Wikipedia:


Nile Ranger is an English footballer playing for the Newcastle United youth team. It was announced on Sky Sports News on August 8th 2008 that the young footballer had signed for Newcastle United after being released from his old club Southampton F.C. for unprofessional behaviour. Before the signing was known he was spotted in the Director's Box at St. James' Park in the friendly match between Newcastle United F.C. and the Dutch side PSV Eindhoven, starting a massive online debate on a Newcastle United F.C. fansite whether the club had signed Bafetimbi Gomis who had been heavily linked earlier on in the 2008 Transfer Window, or if it was another player of similar appearance as Gomis as at the time Nile Ranger had not been linked with a move to the club.Sightings of a man in the King Neptune restaurant on Stowell street who was quite obviously caucasian but wearing boot polish to his face and sporting a dread locked wig made of string only served to complicate matters.That the man was trying to pull anything that moved (including at one point the male Chinese waiter) could have caused the club great embarrassment.The fellow was later revealed to be a local character by the name of Mr H Shingles. He will most likely be playing for the Newcastle United reserve team in the upcoming 2008/2009 season.


His name originates from his early days working as a Ranger on the River Nile, measuring silt deposits. It is widely believed that he changed his name but his original name is unknown.

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I feel Nile Ranger is just moments away from entering the Chuck Norris joke phase like.


"When the boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Nile Ranger. 'cause he be da shizzle yo."

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