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Will we go down?

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Of course we will stay up. I expect our usual un-convincing run of points that gets us into a safe yet un-inspiring position. Roeder will eventually get sacked and will be replaced by somone just as mediocre and the proccess happens all over again.

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Guest thompers

This is like one of those junk mail tick boxes that says tick here if you DON'T want junk mail. :lol:


Will we stay up? And 'Yes' means relegation.

hehe sorry!  bluelaugh.gif


Edited the title for you.



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I think we'll stay up because we have too good a set of players to go down. I expect Martins to hit form at some point, aswell as Damien Duff. Duff has shown glimpses of being a key player for us lately. Shola Ameobi would have been our top scorer had he have played all season... i could have seen him gettin 12-15 goals for us this term as i just think he is a new player and i like him a lot. Which is why i'm so frustrated that this pathetic hip situation wasn't sorted sooner, which it really should have been.


We'll stay up.

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Guest Knightrider

Someone posted this on the main site, grim reading: http://www.newcastle-online.com/2006/10/30/what-the-hell-are-you-playing-at-glenn/#comments


Ed the Duck writes in saying:


It’s such a good point the lack of goals and it’s often overlooked.


Having had a few minutes I looked at some stats for us for our Premiership years and compared them to how we are doing now as well as what sort of form gets you 4th and what gets you the 3rd bottom relegation place….


•4th on average finishes with 65 points, 61 goals scored and 38 conceded.


•3rd bottom on average finishes with 38 points, 42 goals scored and 61 conceded.


•At our current level of performance we will finish the season with 30 points, 27 goals scored and 49 against. This will see us comfortably relegated.


I looked at our premiership years to see if we really are “slow” starters…


•Depressingly we actually normally tail off slightly, on average, scoring slightly fewer goals and gaining fewer points and we concede marginally more too.


•Extrapolating this out we would, on average, finish the season with 29 points, 25 goals scored and 50 conceded. This will also see us comfortably relegated.


•So let’s be optimistic… in 1999 we boosted our points per game ratio by 198% for the last three quarters of the season, in 2005 we boosted our goals scored per game by 155% for that same period and also in 1999 we saw our goals against per game reduce by 62%… so using these stats on the current performance we would finish with 59 points, having scored 41 goals and only conceded 31. Excellent… mid table mediocrity, playing no score draw and 1-0 football, something to aspire to!


•And being pessimistic (i.e. our worst performances for the last three quarters of the season) would see us finish with 20 points, 16 scored and 80 conceded. Something to aim for there then.


In summary:


•On current form we will go down.


•On our usual season form we will go down.


•If we replicate our best ever season’s form we will achieve mid table mediocrity.


•The only consolation is that we are conceding far less than usual for a side relegated (nearly 0.3 per game) and that this might see us hold onto 16/17th position as Watford, Sheffield United and Charlton get spanked up and down the country.



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Guest toonelaide

We'll survive,


After all we have one of the world's best goalkeepers who has the ability to win us many many points.

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59 points is mid-table, I seem to remember us ending up 5th with 56 pts under SBR...hmmmmmm


Shame we aren't looking at replicating our best form from now on.

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Guest Alan_Shearer

How the hell do 30 people think we will go down man, theres no chance in hell we will go down, we have too good a players to keep losing. I bet £1000 we will stay up. If we are in the bottom 3 by half way through the season no doubt Roeder will be gone and we will get someone hopefully half decent.

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Guest Kenton Magpie

Yes - we have done nothing so far this season to suggest we will stay up, 8 points from a possible 30 says it all really!

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i voted for survival and i'm very confident that we will survive.  but, for discussion's sake, if we did get relegated, how long would we STAY down?  many key players would jump from the sinking ship...  still i think we'd be up again in 1 season.

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