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Tino's Been Back


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Guest chicken little

who gives a shite what he thinks? as much of a buzz that article in the blizzard is it paints a picture of a man who last made contact with real life ~20 years ago.


still an absolute dream of a footballer like, half the time his warm-up was better than the match that followed.

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Faustino Asprilla ‏@TinoasprillaH  2m2 minutes ago

When you are a true fan, you will always support you're team; in the good, in the BAD and in the great times.

Go @NUFC total support.

Been on the Colombian sherbet.
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We always say that footballers are out of touch with reality.


Isn't the flip side of someone like Asprilla being such a talented mentalist on the pitch that he's going to be a bit, well, "different" off it? **




** understatement of decade

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I absolutely love the mad bastad.  My favourite ever NUFC player.  Named my cat after him, he was the last player I had on the back of a shirt and he just keeps raising the bar!  However, the years, have not been kind to him  :lol: he looks completely different now and I don't just mean his waist line.


My mate is just back from Columbia.  He was living out there for about 4 years.  He reckons Tino is still huge over there.  With only Valdarama, James and Falcao being a bigger star, than him.  He's a mackem and all.  So I don't see why he would make that up. 



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