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It is generally accepted that a footballer will rapidly slow down in developing technical ability and skill levels at the age of 16-18 due mainly to the decrease in practice hours as they start being coached within the context of a game/team rather than an individual. Most of Martins and indeed the others' time on the training pitch will compromise of warm up and warm down drills, gym work, tactical and team play drills and sessions.


Unless the individual is almost obsessively willing to practice practice practice hours on end each and every day like they would as youngsters either by themselves or in a small group for which requires like-minded individuals to work with or are afforded individual expert coaching regimes tailored to their specific levels then there isn't going to be much if any improvement technically and skill level wise from the vast majority of players. In short with Martins what you see is what you get.


Of course better coaching in terms of tactics, positional play and the team in general as well as a positive environment coupled with tangible success (i.e. a winning team) any player can become more consistent, more all-rounded (i.e. 5-10% better at the basics) and even over perform. With Martins that needs to be the case for him to be a consistently high performing player, and indeed the vast majority of none elite players.


You will notice that your very very best players can perform to extremely high levels in all manner of set-ups, situations, teams and under various tactics and instructions.


Likewise you will notice your top players tend to practice practice practice. Currently Ronaldo is famous for endless after hours work on the training ground perfecting his art. Shearer was the same while some players like Michael Owen look to do extra via other routes such as one-on-one coaching (Simon Clifford and various fitness experts).


Martins will come into training, warm up and warm down, do a bit of gym work and maybe spend 1 hour training with the rest of the team working on team and tactical issues with maybe another half hour of small sided games. Then he'll go home.


For him to improve significantly would require selfless commitment to extra practice coupled with one-to-one coaching and the clincher, playing in a good and winning team.


I'd apply that to the vast majority of our players although most are lost causes in terms of technique and skill.


Well said HTT :clap:

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