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West Ham pitch invaders


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Guest Stephen927

X61 = Stephen Ireland with hair.



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just something else that was a tad bizarre.......






Football 'wanted men' were actors

Actors featured in the 2009 feature film The Firm

Actors in the feature film The Firm that was premiered in London in September


Scotland Yard has apologised after actors from a hit film were mistakenly identified as football hooligans being sought after riots at a West Ham game.


Police issued 66 pictures of people supposedly caught on camera during violent clashes in August.


The images wrongly included stills of six actors from recent film The Firm.


A TV report was used to capture the images but because there was no sound officers did not realise it included clips from the hooligan-themed film.


Fan stabbed


Scotland Yard, who released the images on Tuesday, said: "Six images of individuals who were not involved in the violence were mistakenly included.


"These images appear to have been taken from a motion picture.


"We wish to apologise unreservedly to those affected. We are going to be actively trying to contact those people to offer our apologies."


A Millwall supporter was stabbed as fans clashed outside West Ham's Upton Park ground in east London after the home side won 3-1.


Police have arrested more than 40 people so far in connection with the trouble on 25 August.


The Firm, which was released last month, is set in football hooligans' 1980s heyday and is about a young man who joins a "firm" of thugs.




i've posted it recently elsewhere in here but seemed more apt in here.


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