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Which current players have got it then? I know all the tired clichés about how a great player doesn't make a great manager but it seems from the soundbites that a lot of the top players and big names of the last decade or so are thinking about management one day; off the top of my head there's Shearer, Rio, Terry, Carragher and even Rooney talked about doing it.


One I reckon could be up to it is Geremi. He comes across very well in interviews, a bright bloke, can speak about 6 languages or something mental and has played for some of the worlds top clubs (Real Madrid, Chelsea, Middlesborough). Along with that he's always looked someone who can read the game and was a father figure to Zog and Bassong whilst they were here, Zog in particular being something of a strange one. He seems to have the attributes, I'd be interested to see if he goes into it when he finally retires. On a downside, at the age of 71 I fear he may be too old to be starting out in this game.


Any others you've got your eye on? I think most would have predicted the calm, level headed Temuri going into management but there must be others out there.

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Looking at current successful managers in the Premiership - and profile them :


Alex Ferguson - not a captain

Arsene Wenger - not a captain

Carlo Ancelotti - captain

Rafa Benitez - not a captain


It seems like leadership quality as a player is not the most important thing.


I did not witness the playing careers of any of them - so wouldn't know how they were like when they were players.


I would have imagined that, as in any trade, a hardworker and a keen learner stands a higher chance to suceed.


In this regard, I have to point to Giggs and Lampard.

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