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Where will we finish next season.  

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  1. 1. Where will we finish next season.

    • Champions
    • Runners up
    • Top 4
    • Europe
    • top Half
    • Mediocrity
    • survival by the
    • skin of our teeth
    • Bump the relegationometer.

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I have gone for an optomistic 'mediocrity'. I may change my mind after the summer.



I think i see a pattern emerging.

perhaps i should have offered more middling options rather than those top end ones. ;D

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Bit too early to say really.


Aye, but if i had to do...mediocrity :laugh:


You can discount the top 5 options already though. We'll spend £20m tops, so mediocrity is about as much as you can expect, if it all goes brilliantly.

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