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That was a cracking finish by the dolphin. I would get him signed, Neil.

If the dolphin scores we're in the pool!

Off to Barcelona on Aug 29th and ive noticed that the home game with Villareal has been rescheduled for that day. Reckon i'll get tickets VI? Had a go on-line but not released yet apparently.

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Race for non El Classico champions and Europe in general should be interesting & on paper close this year.


Valencia should still come 3rd but it's going to be close I reckon between Sevilla, Malaga, Villarreal, Athletic & Atletico for the rest.

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The Spanish footballers union has threatened to delay the start of La Liga because of contract disagreements. They mostly demand increased guarantees that footballers will be paid given the sheer amount of financial problems all over the competition, with dozens of professional clubs in administration.


It would probably mean something if they had followed through the last 20000000000000000 times they have threatened with stopping the competition.

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