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Got to create a twitter account and get followers as part of a job application process. Never been on twitter before so trying to work it out, but basically have created @whowillscore1st and the hash tag #whowillscore1st. It's a bit naff I know and I am not sure if I will keep it up, but if any of you are on twitter and don't mind following me and even tweeting your prediction for first goalscorer then I would be most grateful!


Thanks in advance.

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Its a graduate scheme with a big gambling company. It's in the job thread, but basically I got through to the last round of their public affairs interviews etc only for them to pull the scheme at the last minute. They offered me the chance to go through to the same stage on their corporate affairs scheme, which is much more PR based, and these are the pre-interview tasks. I am not really sure that PR is my thing, but am giving it ago. Thanks in advance for any contributions. If you really think it is that naff please don't be afraid to say. Any input will be welcomed. Basically it is a competition to get as much twitter activity as possible and also to get a news story into the media.

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:lol: Take it as a positive, mate. At least people are attempting some banter? :snod:


Yea sorry I laughed. The hard work bit was more the fact that I am trying to work out how all this twitter stuff works! Problem number 1: after the first goal has been scored, the page becomes a bit redundant  :lol:

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