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The 2018/19 Betting Thread

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Last pre-season should've been a lesson to never bet on it again, but oh well...  :blush:


£5 Man Utd -1, Newcastle HT/FT, Stuttgart HT/FT, Chelsea, St.Etienne - 27/1

£1 4 folds (£5)

£1 trebles (£10)

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Daft £5 for outrights this season.


Burnley (to go down)








Red Bull Salzburg



Returns £19650.

I myself refuse to bet on us, so not commenting there. However I think Charlton and Doncaster will let you down.
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Is it possible to request a bet such as Newcastle to have the highest average possession over the course of the season?


:lol: I can't remember who we were playing but in one of Pardews horrendous run of defeats a couple of years ago, I rang PaddyPower to get a price on us having less than 40% possession. The traders said they wouldn't offer anything on that market.

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Odds on us vs Fulham are pretty good. 11/10 for the win and 9/4 for -1. Probably going to lump on both


I think Fulham will be good this season. Difficult one to bet on early doors.


How come?

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EDIT by JamesPA 20/07/16

Customers received this today:


Dear Customer,


Firstly, we sincerely apologize if you have been affected by a delayed credit card withdrawal payment in the last 15 days.

The problem was related to one of our payment processing partners who encountered severe delays in settling payments which would have been validated and processed by Unibet in a timely manner.


Due to the experienced delays, on the 8th of July Unibet had taken a decision to reverse all the affected withdrawals back to the customers betting accounts, so that the customers could have access to their funds and re-request a withdrawal.

Once this was done, the payment processing partner who was experiencing severe delays managed to push through the withdrawals to the customers credit cards, and this has resulted in the customers receiving the same amounts twice:

Once on their credit card, and once on the Unibet account.


If you were indeed affected by this issue, we would like you to know that Unibet will not be seeking to get those funds back from you at any time. If you have used those funds already, we hope you have won!

Alternatively, please consider the funds as a bonus from Unibet, they can be withdrawn at any given time!


We hope you have a great Summer, and hope to see you soon on our site again!


Many thanks for your cooperation, and again, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience you may have had to endure due to this problem.




I was over paid by them by £690. And now it's officially mine.  :cheesy: :lol:

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