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FIFA World Player of the World


You can vote 3.  

90 members have voted

  1. 1. You can vote 3.

    • Cannavaro
    • Zidane
    • Ronaldinho
    • Henry
    • Eto's
    • Drogba
    • Kaka
    • Buffon
    • Pirlo
    • C. Ronaldo
    • Ballack
    • Gerrard
    • Klose
    • Lampard
    • Deco
    • Figo
    • Riquelme
    • Ribery
    • Rooney
    • Gattuso
    • Shevchenko
    • Viera
    • Essien
    • Cech
    • Nesta
    • Thuram
    • Lehmann
    • Lahm
    • Adriano
    • Rosicky

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The Captains' Votes


Ayala - Zidane, Cannavaro, Henry

Lucio - Drogba, Henry, Buffon

John Terry - Cannavaro, Kaka, Zidane

Patrick Viera - Eto's, Buffon, Deco

Michael Ballack - Henry, Cannavaro, Ronaldinho

Fabio Cannavaro - Thuram, Viera, Eto'o

Edwin van der Sar - Cannavaro, Eto's, Lehnmann

Raul - Cannavaro, Eto'o, Kaka

Delima - Henry, Ronaldinho, Buffon


The Coaches' Votes


Basile - Cannavaro, Drogba, Eto'o

Dunga - Cannavaro, Buffon, Zidane

McLaren - Cannavaro, Zidane, Ronaldinho

Domenech - Cech, Gattuso, Drogba

Low (Germany) - Cannavaro, Eto'o, Henry

Staunton - Riquelme, Deco, Henry

Donadoni - Henry, Shevchenko, Kaka

Van Basten - Ronaldinho, Henry, Buffon

Sanchez - Cannavaro, Henry, Klose

Smith - Cannavaro, Henry, Gattuso

Aragones - Eto's, Henry, Ronaldinho

Toshack - Buffon, Henry, Eto'o


The Results


Your choices?

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Guest toon tone rudeboy

Who has voted C Ronaldo and Rooney already?! :lol:


Closet Manc Dilema I reckon blueyes.gif


I voted Rooney and Cannavaro because they are my choices of those still playing.  My third vote was for Eto'o even though he is out for the season as he has proven to be a big loss to Barca.



But in no ways am I a closet Manc...

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Guest Knightrider

I'll vote for Drogba because all of them have had a mixed 12 months, some are only in there based on one or two high profile performances and their reputations. Drogba is certainly the most improved player I've seen over the last 12 months, anyway.


I think Drogba's whole story is a fantastic one. He was a late developer and playing in lower leagues only a few years back, today he is arguably the most complete centre-forward on the planet and amazingly, he's still rough around the edges and has it in him to get even better. I've been very impressed.

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Cannavaro is the best defender I've seen since I've been following football.


Pirlo was instrumental during the World Cup, he is an incredibly cultured player, who made split seconds on the ball seem like minutes. Without him and Gattuso, Italy wouldn't have won the World Cup. Not voting for Gattuso as although a great effective player, he is really the water carrier for other brilliant players.


Essien is the complete footballer right now, he can do almost everything, and has excelled playing in several positions.

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Out of all the names listed there - And there are some very ropey ones - I would have to vote for Cannavaro and perhaps Pirlo. One person not listed, who I probably would have voted for is Gallas. He's been excellent domestically for years but I thought he had a really good World Cup too.

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Cannavaro is the best defender I've seen since I've been following football.


You are kidding, right? How long have you been following football?


Do you know how is Cannavaro doing now in Real Madrid? Do you know the defensive line up in Juventus? With Thuram and Buffon, and despite their general conservative play, they still conceded 24 goals last season. Even in the world cup Materrazi is equally instrumental in their defensive resilience. Would you say that Cannavaro is the best defender in the world before the world cup?

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