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F*** COVID19 Groupwatch


Which match shall we watch?  

188 members have voted

  1. 1. Which match shall we watch?

    • 1-1 Vs. Man Utd - 93/94
    • 7-1 Vs. Swindon - 93/94
    • 6-1 Vs. Wimbledon - 95/96
    • 4-3 Vs. Aston Villa - 96/97
    • 5-0 Vs. Man Utd - 96/97
    • 7-1 Vs. Tottenham - 96/97
    • 3-2 Vs. Barcelona - 97/98
    • Other

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We won't be watching the Newcastle game at the weekend. So which Newcastle match shall we watch together instead? I've thrown a handful of the available 90s ones into the poll as a starter for ten but if there's a consensus for something else, we can crack on with that instead. :thup:


Maybe we can pick a film, and have a team watch along at some point.  [emoji38]


Not a bad shout like

Would be laughs tbh.

This is a class idea :thup:


Pick something easily available, start a thread, specify a time. I'd be in.


3pm on Saturdays might be nice [emoji38] could even watch NUFC games from when we were good if we end up going down the group suicide route.


If we can somehow find the full 90 minutes of a match from the 90s and watchalong... Do the whole match thread thing, lineups, constant updates, the lot... Fuck, that would be a forum event. Let's do it.




Think it requires a login and no idea of quality but looks a canny selection.


Thread about the site here, appears you can enter any old shite as your login email:



This website will enable us all to watch the same full game at the same time.


My vote is the Villa one. Sounds like a cracker.

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I'm dumb, but I'm in a confirm email loop?


I was too but then looked up and appeared to just be logged in...?


:lol: Not a fucking clue what I did to make it work.


A good life motto. :thup:

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