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Guest kingdawson

Sadly West Ham are staying up. Always knew they were gonna survive. I suppose there doing us a favour today so its only right we do one back for them on monday.

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Quality free kick from Tevez, the third goal was another example of his excellent vision - the pass just screamed out "volley me, hit me like you hit your wife you cunt" to Noble.

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Doesn't that penalty miss mean Man City break the record for least home goals scored in a Premiership season?


Premiership?! No. 10 home goals is the worst total in the entire 119 year history of top flight football. :jesuswept:


We deserve it too. Have to blame Pearce's safety first aproach, even after we're safe, and even in the derby. 4 5 fucking 1, jeezus. I don't know why he even bothers the 1, whatever mug he puts out up there never gets a kick while the rest of the team is holding hands with the goalie.


I live in the hope that after today, Pearce will never darken our doors again.

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