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Yes or No will he go???


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I wish that he will go


but as i said before, Freddy shepard had many sleepless nights thinking about whats the best thing to do,he always thinks about whats best for the club





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he has had long enough to get it together, but face it, we are a joke.

He has to go, of the team wants to move furhter,


i wish the season was over allready, i've seen enoug crap

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Guest eyeball_tickler

its an almost bulletproof theory that bad managers dont resign. they cling to their job because they know they wont get another like it.


so if he goes, he wont jump he will have to be pushed.

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Guest Knightrider

He's gone. After Watford he'll get peddled, could even happen before hand.


Lots of fans on the radio saying him and Freddy have to go, and half the players. This will drag on for a while.

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Do you honestly believe Roeder will be sacked??



I wish yes


I think No


Yes, i honestly do.  Freddy is not a complete idiot.  He can see what's happening.  He can see we're on a downward spiral and he'll lose players, fans and cash if he doesn't act.

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