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13th it is then...

Guest Alan_Shearer

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Not quite as bad as Souness. Aiming for half that number next season...


Maybe not position wise... but points wise we are looking pretty frail, and only two points above the Hammers in the end.

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How does this final position effect the much quoted claim that we are the 5th best Premiership side over the last 10 years?


seasons involving souness and roedent dont count apparently, its in the FA rulebook 4.1a

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Lowest number of goals scored in any Premiership season, too.

Just 38 goals in 38 games....


wow :lol:


I'm still one to believe it was worse under Souness, but those stats have some power of persuasion!!

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Guest eyeball_tickler

1 point off a team who havent scored at home all year, 2 points off a team who have just survived half an hour ago and 5 points off relegation.


and Middlesbro' finished above us.


still though, intertoto cup winners  O0



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