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Fantasy Premier League 2006-7 season

Optimistic Nut

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Guest Walking in a waddle wonde

Think i will wait for some transfers to be done!

Im going all out this year after getting an unlucky draw in the first round knock-out stage in the cup

after walking my group, and obviously my league was over by the end of January.

My footballing brain was probably like most of yours?

Dragged down by Soumess and in a right mess!

I was making stupid transfers left right and centre trying to claw back some points on the leaders.

Think i may of made the first page in the end?

but im gonna win this year,

so watch out for Waddles Whingers ;)


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Guest Geordiesned

I'll take part but i'll do my team nearer the start of the season.




Just hoy an auto complete in for now.


I won't be doing a cup competition this season by the way. Way too much hassle last season and I haven't go the time.

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Guest Pearce-Dog

I've signed up.


Taylor for 4.5? Bargain
















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Guest crj89


  My squad


1: Cech


2: Gallas

3: Neill

4: Moore

5: Brown


6: Francis

7: Cahill

8: Alonso

9: N'Zogbia


10: Yakubu

11: Rooney





12: Van der Sar


13: King


14: Mendes


15: Lita



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Van der Sar


Chimbonda  Carragher  A. Ferdinand  S. Taylor


McCullouch  Gilberto  Fabregas  Gerrard


Rooney  Bent



Given, Lita, Baines, P. Neville

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my current, somewhat temporary team...





1: Cech


2: Taylor

[sheff Utd]

3: Lucketti


4: Yobo


5: Rehman


6: N'Zogbia


7: Lampard


8: Gerrard


9: Henry


10: Shevchenko ©

[sheff Utd]

11: Webber






12: Warner





13: Skoko





14: Pattison





15: Chambers



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Guest DarkStormCrow

This are the guys I am starting with this year hopefully I can avoid last years injury plagued season.


                                        Given(NU) ©


Chimbonda(WI)      Taylor(PO)      Ridgewell(AV)    Neill(BL)


McFadden(EV)        Speed(BO)      Etherington(WH)    Milner(NU)



                    van Nistelroy(MU)      Henry(AR)



Subs  Filan(WI)  Hreidarsson(CH)  Parker(NU)    Beattie(EV)









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