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  1. Would guess this is legit … https://twitter.com/Q_T_E_CH/status/1407079978311823368
  2. Matt Slater has twisted the ‘facts’ to suit his own narrative throughout this process .. His favourite one is ‘the premier league contacted seven different Saudi law firms re instigating legal action against BeIN’ .. which quickly morphed into, ‘The premier league tried to take legal action against BeIN on seven occasions’ .. this he has then repeated for the last 18 months.
  3. I’m not sure how many years it is since I posted (plenty I suspect) but I had to log on to agree with this 100% .. for a supposedly professional person to behave like this is unacceptable given his role and I for one would love it if this went through if only to throw it back at him..
  4. So if we finish 6th with Liverpool in 7th and a non top 5 club wins the fa cup do we still get into Europe ?
  5. Awful .. could be three down, and thats not including the shocking refereeing ...
  6. DL7777

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    Douglas is just replying to a tweet from someone (usually full of sh1t) claiming he is in a hotel in Jesmond..
  7. Didn't make it .. Apparently http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2557/news/2010/05/19/1932643/world-cup-2010-liverpool-duo-in-but-newcastles-fabrizio
  8. DL7777

    RIP sale thread.

    Barry Moat's Newcastle United takeover plans in doubt Tyneside businessman Barry Moat's £80 million Newcastle takeover plans were left on a knife-edge on Tuesday night. By Rob Stewart Published: 9:20PM GMT 27 Oct 2009 Moat has been left exasperated by an inability to maintain dialogue with the sports retail tycoon since has he met owner Mike Ashley's revised asking price for the Championship club. Moat, a close ally of former Newcastle captain Alan Shearer, has effectively been frozen out of talks by Ashley who flew into Tyneside by helicopter on Tuesday afternoon for a brief visit.
  9. DL7777

    Jonas to Pompey?

    No idea .. but he's been nothing but useless for us ..
  10. DL7777

    Jonas to Pompey?

    I dont post very frequently .. but reallly .. With a halff decent replacement we would be mad not to sell him for anything more than £4m .. An attacking, creative midlfielder who .. cant pass, shoot or score ... we would be better off with Kinnear in Midfield!
  11. Big article with direct quotes from Ashley in tommorows NOTW .. ill do it my way etc ... Only going to sit with the fans once in a while going forward ... wants to see the day that we are battering the likes of Chelsea and Man U .. Also said he had now paid 100M of debt off. .. And it was Mort who told him that it was time for a change with BSA ..
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