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  1. Does anyone have a spare ticket for the Leicester game tomorrow Friday night 12th April. I live nearby and am going with my son but we only have one ticket between us so far.
  2. Doug

    Ayozé Pérez

    Tried hard and played well as usual. (tin hat on)
  3. Doug

    Christian Atsu

    I had written this lad off but have to say he was excellent against Everton. always involved, creative and actually tackling back leaving opponents Writhing in a heap on a couple of occasions although their play acting was outrageous. No wonder half our team was booked. If Atsu can maintain this level of performance he could stay in the side.
  4. Doug


    Its been a while, Hello N-O I'm still here ! More mid table mediocrity this season, but no relegation
  5. Doug


    Staying up, but no momentum to improve next year unless Ashley does the right thing and sells up.
  6. When we settle down to watch the upcoming Ashes series down under. One of the top opening batsmen we will watch was born in the North East of England and is a Newcastle United fan. Not one of the England team but surprisingly the Aussies Matt Renshaw.
  7. Doug

    Ayozé Pérez

    I think this lad is playing well and was particularly good at Brighton. Some of the criticism, not so much on here, is way over the top imo.
  8. "we'll talk more about Newcastle later" aye right Anyone remember Ray Stubbs one man crusade to get Cabaye retrospectively banned after the match at Brighton in 2012. He seemed to devote half the tv programme to it.
  9. Cardiff used to have seriously bad hooligan fans. Lets hope they let us celebrate, everyone behaves, and a good time is had by all.
  10. Arry will be our hero for one match only. Perfect timing to lift them against Huddersfield.
  11. Apparently since Mcgeady signed for them he has been in the best form of his life. A 50K crowd will be just nice motivation for someone like him especially if we are muted and grumbling at our own team. We need to make it hostile and uncomfortable for him and his team and get behind our own.
  12. Doug


    A banner, seriously. We haven't even achieved promoted yet.
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