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  1. Luke said he was horny
  2. Seen his name few pages back and also the past few days but have no idea why. Why is Gini being mentioned? Where is the link from?
  3. Fair enough. We should prioritise that if Digne prefers Chelsea.
  4. Thing is, are we interested in Tagliafico? We're chasing Digne, who may favour Chelsea. Hopefully we are considering Tagliafico though.
  5. nufcjb

    Kieran Trippier

    Fucking get in!!! Welcome aboard Trips! Now let's get the others sorted!
  6. Is he what Howe wants and looking for? If so, I'll give him my backing.
  7. More insulting to Longstaff himself to be honest.
  8. Do you guys think we'll have a Robinho-style signing this window? I proper hope so and hope its for a striker.
  9. Mightily important now we get a replacement as good or even more prolific than him. Spend as much money as possible. This is the signing that can make or break our season now.
  10. Please oh please hope we splash the cash for a good forward. We need the goals.
  11. nufcjb

    Kieran Trippier

    Even with Howe, he wasn't confirmed until the afternoon right? Remember people bedwetting then too eventhough obviously he was alreadt here and doing all the media stuff etc.
  12. Most importantly, we need a striker in for the Watford game. That is a must win and we need goals. PEA is not the answer for that game. If he comes in on loan, fair enough, we might be able to get something out of him till the end of the season. I'm so nervous we don't get anyone in before Watford. Jacob Murphy missed a sitter in the reverse fixture. Imagine having to rely on him in a front 3 with Gayle and Almiron if we dont have ASM back.
  13. Digne not even having us as an option? Prick. No wonder Rafa left him out.
  14. We showed against Man Utd (although they were shite), barring any defensive mistakes, we still can hold on to a certain extent but against Watford, if we're not scoring, we ain't winning. Look at the reverse fixture and how many chances did we spurn and ended up with a draw?
  15. nufcjb


    What happened to Mcgeady?
  16. Once Trippier is done through the door, I'll be nervous as hell leading up to the Watford game. We really need a striker in a.s.a.p, someone that can hit the ground running and not needing time to adjust his game. We cannot go into that match with Gayle. Yes, ASM might be back but he is not an out and out goalscorer. We have to win that match. A draw would be no good. A striker is the priority and perhaps Digne or a CB too before Watford.
  17. nufcjb

    Kieran Trippier

    The season when we went 'So Close' to the title in 95-96, the first signing Keegan made that summer was right back, Warren Barton. Followed by Sir Les, Daveeed and then Shaka. Hope we'll sign crackin players like them lot again this window.
  18. Did we really go for Rafa when we got rid of baconhead? If so, should Rafa have jump ship here?
  19. nufcjb

    Kieran Trippier

    How has he been viewed and rated by Atleti fans? Was he in the Spaanish media good books?
  20. nufcjb


    Safe in January eh?
  21. This just gets worse. Yes we might.have lost but far from ridiculed. Only a Saints or mackem would say Southampton would ridicule us if the match went ahead. Stop with the we. It ain't funny anymore.
  22. What an absolute whooper to end this year. Pops in just to get ridiculed by everyonei. brlliant
  23. Is Giggs replacing him at the AFCON then?
  24. nufcjb

    St. James' Park

    My only worry with black seats is that the black colour may fade a while later. Of course our rich and wealthy owners can use high quality paint for the seats. That is why I thought we switched to grey seats for a 'cleaner' and neutral colour. Red seats turning into pink seats down the road makes them look like playing in Peppa Pig's stadium.
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