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    Smash it mate. Speedy recovery.
  2. Broncos, Lions, Steelers.
  3. Si

    What are you eating?

    Manchego is lush, we had a cheese board last night with Manchego, Compte, Camembert, Gouda, a goats cheese and a Stilton. With a few different chutneys and some nice wine best way to see in the new year.
  4. Si

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone, here's to s cracking 2022.
  5. Si

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone, here's to s cracking 2022.
  6. Talk to us man, don't do anything rash please.
  7. Then you don't love Keanu, watch and review for Kaiz immediately.
  8. I saw that not the pineapple on the How To Drink YouTube and want to try it. Love a bit of Rum.
  9. Si


    If you could answer that question for comfortably well off people too you could fix democracy.
  10. Si

    Star Wars

    I really enjoyed it, it looks ridiculous for TV but Disney definitely has s length problem I get it must cost a fortune but 30 minutes come on man. Other than that ridiculously entitled complaint I enjoyed it. 15 year old me would have shit himself with joy for 30 minutes of this. Can't wait for how all the shows connect.
  11. Si


    Wow it's going to get crazy.
  12. Shame yer dad was wearing it at the time though
  13. Si

    U.S. Politics

    Live fast die limping
  14. Si

    Lush lasses (PNSFW)

    She's unreal tbf, it's less confusing than nursing a semi as she cross examines Zuckerberg
  15. I met John Peel at Maida Vale years ago won tickets to see Ash in session there and they covered Teenage Kicks and he came running out of his booth like an excited kid was very cool.
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