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  1. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/28/0d4a09269b90cb337566d018f7a785a0.jpg. Fucking hell
  2. Wey - lads, I've got a class one. "The Kazakhstanis should stick to exporting potassium." I'm gonna air that one out at the pub tonight. I'll let you know how it lands. I misunderstood then, Stifla ! :lol: at this. I'll give it an airing when appropriate too. Saints and WHU already out. A championship Wigan side got further in Europe than these 2. They should be embarrassed (Actually shouldn't. Both are just garbage and lost to superior opposition). None of this "Didn't prioritize" shit.
  3. ^ No actually. Astana are in CL having beaten off Slovenian, Finnish and Cyprus champions. Something no Polish team for example has achieved since mid 90s (being in CL group stage) Kairat eliminated Red Star Belgrade, Aberdeen, and only went out to Bordeaux on away goals. Last year Aktobe very narrowly lost to Steaua Bucharest and then put up a battle vs. Legia Warsaw (Granted they shat the bed this year) Shakhter Karaganda almost made CL 2 years ago. thought the club has gone bankrupt since and is now last in the league Kazakhstan is a really rich country with all the gas and oil, a
  4. Watching Kairat-Bordoux and the Kazakhs are absolutely dominating. Tie is even on aggregate with a half to go. My prediction that Kazakhstan league will be in same tier/bracket with Ukrainian league within the next 10 years is looking good.
  5. Trumpet


    It's a downside for sure. I have loads of gay friends in Canada. I can relate and it's major hole. But despite that I personally prefer the Russian society and outlook on life and culture to that of the West. Russians I've met here are fascinating folks. Real insightful people with a lot of knowledge about the world and the past and a real burning passion and vision for their lives.
  6. Trumpet


    A real interesting thing she said was: "Liverpool FC as an institution is like Russia as a country. It's cultural, emotional, controversial. If you embrace it, you'll love it. If you're an outsider, you fucking hate it and it's understandable. Wish we could find our Putin though instead of Rodgers."
  7. Trumpet


    I totally agree with the corruption and some of the other issues you mentioned, but every society has it's downfalls and holes. For me, Putin's Russia is the perfect example and application of my idealogy of running a country (If I ever get in power). A democratic dictatorship where the nations history, culture and authenticity is kept and you are more concerned with well being of your country as opposed to how others think of you. Their hate for political correctness, their ruthless honesty about their emotions and feelings (we don't have to smile or be nice if we don't feel like it), their a
  8. Trumpet


    Russia is boss. And their people actually hate the idea of being Westernized which is one of the main difference I found between here and Poland. Everyone and I (rightly so) adores Putin here. They are in good hands. Lenins body is in immaculate shape still after 91 years and overall it's been a blast so far. 9 more days of this and hopefully making Russia my annual vacation spot. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/12/70609d20560327be66cbc894098269e6.jpg
  9. Italian teams are baffling. Last season, for once they took EL seriously and played their strongest sides and massively closed the gap on Premier League for that 4th champions league spot. They were 3 points behind going into new season, needing a performance just as good as last to have a great chance of over taking England, and Sampdoria are effectively destroying 20% productivity and potentially easy coefficient points. Fuck them though. If you don't take such a great competition seriously, you better fuck off back to obscurity to your league and ave more time to prepare for an away tie
  10. West ham with their 3rd red card in 5 games. Really taking advantage of that fair play spot Dude (Legia Warsaw player) hit by a stone in Albania by Kukesi fans at 60th minute when Legia were leading 2-1. Match abandoned. Seeing Uefa so actively hate Legia, I fully expect the game to be given 3-0 to Albanians.
  11. Astana of Kazakhstan just knocked Maribor out of CL. Last 20 mins was intense. Great watch. They play Helsinki next. CL qualifiers has been weird this year, Ludogorets out yesterday against Moldovan champions too. Even Gibraltar's team put up a good fight against Danish champions.
  12. Trumpet


    http://www.rferl.org/content/russia-club-airbrushes-kasparov-from-history-book/27139684.html Garry Kasparov's name airbrushed from Spartak club history books. Can't see how they can keep it up since he was world Chess champions for 15 years. But anyways, It's Kasparov and he's a massive hypocrite prick. Licks off Netanyahu's anus and 1 second later claims Putin is second coming of Hitler. I met a family friend of my dad's today and he said he was in Moscow about 12 years ago. Told me some smashing stories of underground prostitution industry in Moscow....will have to follow up on that.
  13. If there is one player in the world, who is worth 100M euros to LVG, that's Muller. He was the one who made Muller, Muller when many desperately wanted him dropped in their nearly treble winning season of 09-10. Really hope it's BS, because investment wise, Muller is easily worth the fee. and plays in a position Man Utd are very short of real quality in.
  14. That Russian-Canadian lady who handles Chelsea's transfer negotiations is an absolute genius. Selling all the unwanted players at such premium prices. Marina Granovskaia. One of Roman's all-time best Chelsea acquisitions http://www.chelseafc.com/content/cfc/en/homepage/the-club/about-chelsea-football-club/club-personnel/marina-granovskaia/_jcr_content/main/textimage/image.img.jpg/1409152286629.jpg
  15. Ate Pierogi today. What a pile of horseshit
  16. I may know of some good party on either Friday/Saturday night. Have to check If you're down for some heavy drinking, DM me your WhatsApp.
  17. When will you be here ? Put me in a tough spot there :lol: This weekend. Haha ! coming over to cheer on Brazil for the Pan Am games ? It's amazing, I was just thinking where in Toronto show my guest from Poland this weekend. My friend (who happens to be my mate's gf) has been in U.S. for 3 weeks, and is coming to Toronto on Friday for 4 days as the last part of her "Explore the West" trip before going back to Poland the week later. I was just making notes where I should show her. So far I have: - The island - Kensington Market - Roncesvalles (Toronto's Polish Neighbour
  18. Stellar experience so far. Still in Toronto, 4 hour delay, because they can't find fuel at this massive airport. Have been at the airport since 4:30, 10:15 Pm now and no definitive departure time. Seated next to a father and his 7 year old son. Think Vietnamese. They've actually boarded us for 2 hours now and still nothing. No meal plan or even free drinks on the offer either. Still in work dress since I left early today to come straight to the airport. Great work AA
  19. Just a general (weird) question. I'm a bit deep on wine now, but tomorrow it'll be the 50th time I'll get on a plane, and never ever in my other 49 times, I have been seated next to a girl of my age group (20-30). Anyone else has had the same experience ? I just find it very weird, that not even a 2% shot, considering it's not asking much....It's a very shallow issue, but it hasn't happened ever, so everytime I fly, I wait for the streak to end, only to be seated either next to crying babies, or old couples who haven't showered in days. Tell you what, tomorrow it'll be some Jeb Bush s
  20. Just finished "Croupier" My Clive Owen love affair continues. It of course helps that he's a massive red.
  21. I actually call her Elaine when we hang (Her name is Jenna), because she has the exact same hair and expressions "GET OUT !!" . She told me I remind her of a mixture of Jerry-Kramer though, which is weird because I'm George Constanza.
  22. Trumpet


    If you're white and not gay you should be alright. While not Caucasian, I'm quite white for a Persian. I dress a bit gay (must be that I live in the most gay-friendly street in the world and have heaps of gay friends), but I should be fine there. Already in touch with loads of Russians to meet there and also my just broken-up friend coming, so hopefully I won't get mugged for being a tourist as per se.
  23. Trumpet


    Met Fowler, Hamann, and McAteer at an event here in Toronto last week. Jason said the most hilarious story during the anthems of Ireland-Norway game in 94 world cup. Great few hours and all proceeds to charity. http://i60.tinypic.com/2dbq9mo.png
  24. I'm in deep trouble. Utterly in love with a girl 4 years older than me, who has a dude. All started when she randomly asked me for fags at Bestival a couple of weeks ago. Only for us to talk and I asked her and her friends to come over to mines for After Party only to find out we're birthday twins, and she's nuts about Seinfeld too, and same food/music preferences too. She's basically me with a vagina. 5AM here, I'm numb here drinking jack daniels, smoking on the balcony with work in 4 hours. She was here earlier tonight, we cooked together, drank and went to a party. She lets me get touchy
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