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Squad Numbers for Your Avatar, 2006-2007 stylee

Guest Andrew Flintoff

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Guest Andrew Flintoff

Check out the new style on mine and NSG's avatar.


New requests and all numbers re-available, but I'm teaching NSG how to do it too this time :p


Please leave any requests in here but don't expect them done straight away, as I'm too lazy for that.


Thanks for your interest,


Andrew Flintoff

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Guest smoggeordie

I'm not doing any you lazy sod ;)


This will only restrict stinting time, which we really need after an amazing stint into the early hours.

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Guest Andrew Flintoff

Remember, these will be done solely on a "when I can be arsed" basis, and I don't think I can be arsed doing seperate numbers for anyone either, so it will just be a numerical free for all, if noone minds!

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Gaz mate i'll speak to ya on MSN whenever to talk to see if it's possible.


Wouldn't mind seeing if you could do.






If you get me drift, as in the 2J where numbers normally are.


Like i said mate i'll speak on MSN with you to see if it's possible :)

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Guest Andrew Flintoff

Right, first batch:





























Jonny I'll catch you on MSN bout 10.30 with some you can look at, cos I can't get it to lie right!

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