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England Game Tonight v USA, Who would you pick?

Guest nufc_geordie

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Guest nufc_geordie

Just a thread to see what team people would play against the USA tonight. I would play:











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Guest optimistic nit




Brown Ferdiand Terry Cole


Hargreaves Carrick


Cole Young



or something like that, if green was in the squad of course. i guess being the best english keeper around isn't enough these days (possibly bar James).

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Guest Stephen927

I'll be watching it.


I havent been following the England squad when it was named, so feel free to correct me.


Hope to see Ashley and Bentley on the wings.

Terry and Ferdinand central defence for the first half, with Woodgate coming on.

Glen Johnson at right back with Ashley Cole at left back.

Gerrard and Carrick for the first half. Hargreaves and Lampard for the second half.

Rooney and ??? up front.  :lol:


How many substitutions are allowed? It was a pain watching Sven change almost the entire squad, but it was good for rotation purposes. I'm guessing it's 7 substitutions?


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it's on the telly here so I suppose I'll watch it. Badly need a footy fix... (European leagues in off season, domestic league in summer break)  :frantic:


I don't think I've ever watched an entertaining England match though. Hopefully the Americans coming out like they've got something to prove will make it competetive.

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might as well pick a team of uncapped/non-regulars


otherwise what's the point?

Very true. At least pick a few fringe players like Glen Johnson, Young, Lescott and Ashton.

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Its not even a full house is it?


Tickets still on sale for £55.


Total ripp off if you ask me.

Get used to it because you wont get many games with anyhing near full houses at the new Wembly.  They should still tour the country for friendlies.  If only the FA hadn't invested/wasted so much on the new ground.

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Decided to sack it off and go out for a curry tonight instead. A completely unnecessary match is my view (why not play one of the euro2008 teams or someone exciting) & why the fuck are we playing in T&T at the weekend. Trevor Brooking fancy a jolly or something?

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Predikshun: 1-1, dire performance from England, insufferable Yanks chanting U-S-A, half empty Wembley and bad tabloid headlines that could have been avoided had they not played a pointless friendly and stuck to a training session.




McBride is retired. You actually think we'll score?

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