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The Newcastle-Online Design Competition - Voting Closed!


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Hello one and all,


Firstly we'd like to thank everybody who took the time to create and submit a design for our competition and we'd like to apologise for the delay that there has been between the deadline for submissions and the final vote. Due to the current incarnation of the forum not being fully tweaked yet, we have had to postpone the design plans for the "new" Newcastle-Online for a little while, but we're hoping we can get into the swing of things soon, hence why it is time to put the best entries at your mercy.


Please remember that you are simply voting for your favourite image, but also bear in mind that the winning design may be used as a template for the entire N-O website - whether the image is a standard logo or a header doesn't matter as the winning design will not necessarily be the exact final product when the whole redesign is complete. We will be looking to work with the winning designer to sculpt the future of this place.


Due to the importance of the competition, rather than just creating a basic anonymous poll the voting system will be as follows:


• Approved entries will be posted in the chronological order of their submission below.

• To vote for your favourite design you simply need to "quote" the post that contains it and submit it as a post of your own, no text is necessary.

• Voting will run until Sunday 8th February 2009 @ 11.59pm.


And it wouldn't be N-O without a few regulations, would it?


• If the vote is tied the final decision will be made by the Admin team and the winner will be announced in due course.

• Votes will only be accepted if they are submitted as outlined above.

• The winning image will fall under the ownership of Newcastle-Online and may be incorporated into the new design for the website.

• Although a winner will be chosen and rewarded in kind, the Admin reserve the right to use an alternate/modified image for the new site, should it be deemed necessary.


Finally, the winner of the vote will receive a free t-shirt of their choice from the Newcastle-Online Shop!


Good luck to all of our entrants and happy voting to all of you lot!

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