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25years for Derek Wright.


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as nufc physio that is. good interview with him wednesdays bbc radio newcastle's "total sport" available online.


yes some playeres have milked injuries (but didn't name names)


marcelinho's finger was a legit injury


paul ferris is now a barrister.



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Heres the link, http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p004zm5q/Total_Sport_11_11_2009/


For Derek Wright skip forward to 1.20:50


I like the bit at the end where they talked about when physios run on the pitch and race each other to get to their injured players, and Derek Wright said once that Darren Peacock deliberately blocked the other physio so that Derek Wright could win.

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I has him down as winner in that race against the Charlton physio.


Everybody knows that DW used to post on here as alex don't they?


You serious ?

Alex is sorely missed, added something with his intelligence, wit and insight. Sadly theres a lot less of it on here nowadays.

Back to DW - always looked good to have a couple of hard looking b@stards on our bench at intimidating away matches in Europe rather than scrawny charvas like Terry Mac.

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